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Oct 5, 2012 3:30am PDT
i found a few years ago, a seed jar in utah underneath a ledge. and i didn't move it from the spot. in fact, the sand had just been barely swept away to show the face of it, but it's still there. it's still under that ledge. i hope. i'd like to take you on a route and show you a way down to one of these artifacts. now, a lot of people look across canyon land, say, in southeast utah where this picture is, and it's not really clear how you get around, how you get from place to place. but if you know this place well enough you know right over this lip of white sandstone, if you go right over the ledge and hang your foot over this side, you can't see it but you can feel it with the tip of your foot, there's a little toe hold down there, then if you get on that toe hold you drop your other foot down and there's another toe hold. it happens a thousand years ago somebody carved just a series of toe holds down this rock face. and you climb down those and they lead to a ledge and the ledge wraps around underneath here and it drops down into another spot that you go through a saddle and arou
Oct 16, 2012 2:00pm EDT
freda on the ledge of a balcony and threat threatening to jump. >> see how a hero comes to the rescue. yup, everything is bigger in texas, even the hail. >> these are golf balls for sure, eggs! >> buckle up, this is one ride you won't want to miss. a tornado hunter ride-along. >>> i love this, this is great. >> give it up for 7-year-old gavin and one of the coolest homemade halloween costumes, ever. and meet the coolest dad who made it. >>> a little dinghy? a lasso and, well -- as you'll see, this is one rescue that just not that easy. >> do you have a pair of these on your head? i'm assured that you don't. >> i want those. >> be the first on your block to get these, dude. today on rite rite! . "right this minute." >> 12 stories up in russia, but there is a happy and heroic ending to this one. your seeing 16-year-old freda on the ledge of a balcony, and she's reatening to jump. sc on the ground, they're shouting things up to her, like please don't be stupid, think about your relatives. but then she starts toeing the edge of the balcony. it looks like any second she's getting ready to
Oct 19, 2012 3:00am PDT
of ledges and to get up you have to go down a narrow canyon where there's a big boulder jammed into the bottom. every place has this backward trail, this labyrinth, leading you around. i was walking arpd this maze for about an hour before coming here and it does the same kind of thing where your mind settles, where you have to pay attention to where you are going. because if you look up for too long at all the passing architecture, you will forget where you are on the maze. you will end up in the wrong spot. you will end up going the wrong direction and you won't be able to find your way to the center. of course, out in the desert, you can't just walk off of the maze and out the front door and back into the street. out in the desert, you are there. the cliffs stand around you. the mazes are everywhere, passages opening up left and right. to write this book, house of rain, i walked a little bit over a thousand miles in legs from the four corners region from arizona, new mexico, colorado and california meet down to the chijuajua area of new mexico. there was one excavation along the w
Oct 16, 2012 9:00am PDT
, but there is a happy and heroic ending to this one. your seeing 16-year-old freda on the ledge of a balcony, and she's reatening to jump. sc on the ground, they're shouting things up to her, like please don't be stupid, think about your relatives. but then she starts toeing the edge of the balcony. it looks like any second she's getting ready to jump. >> what are authorities doing at this point? >> fortunately, the firefighters are on their way to attempt to save this girl. you don't see it just yet. you see the one guy poke his head up there in the top left corner of the screen. she doesn't know he's up there. watch that, the firefighter on the roof gets closer and closer to her, she's looking over her left shoulder. >> oh! >> the firefighter jumps down and uses his feet to push her back onto the balcony. >> i can't believe after the initial kick she jumped right back up. >> there are also firefighters on the inside ready to grab her and subdue her after he kicks her back if the ledge. >> he doesn't have any gear holding him up there. >> there is a rope holding him up there. but a
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
to the painting. >>> an italian man climbed to the ledge of the dome at st. peters about a silica and lowered himself down to a ledge nearly 50 feet in the air. a friend says the man owns a bar and is angry about a plan to change the way licenses are auctioned off. >>> we're getting a sneak peek at the "today" show entintervie mark zuckerberg. he says he had 20 identical gray t-shirts and keeps his shirts in one drawer and his wife rules the closet. you can watch the full interview tomorrow on the "today" show right here on nbc 4. >>> apple reportedly started mass production of the ipad mini. that's according to the "wall street journal." this new tablet will reportedly have a 7.85 inch lcd screen with a lower resolution compared to the ipad 3 which you'll remember came out in march. it's designed to compete with smaller tablets like the kindle fire. the ipad mini could officially be announced next week. >>> the washington redskins are throwing their support behind a proposal for a new casino at national harbor. team ownership released a statement endorsing question 7 saying it is
Oct 25, 2012 1:00am PDT
point? you're on the ledge, you can't get back on the capsule. what is going through your mind? >> i kind of like that part of the jump because it means you're on the outside. everything worked well. and if you have a problem, you know, probably jumping off is the fastest and safest way. now you're falling towards a much healthier environment. and if you need medical treatment, this is the fastest way down. to me, this is an easy step. >> at this point, you had us all very scared. did you feel like you were going to die at that point? >> no, no, no. i always had the impression that if this goes on forever, i'm not going to break the speed of sound. >> how did you bring yourself out of that spin? >> slowly trying to figure out the way to do it. if you travel 830 miles per hour, you cannot stick your arm like this because this would create a rapid onset. so you slowly put our your arm or your legs trying to figure out what helps. i did it a couple of times and sometimes it was getting worse and sometimes it was getting better and i figured out a way to do it and then i did it. >> baumg
Oct 12, 2012 9:30am PDT
spotted on a steep ledge. >> for four days he was stuck there. >> why he had the last laugh on his rescuers. >> trying to rescue a bird from a tree! >> right. >>> and the things we learn about the people we date. >> i don't cut my toenails. i'm going for the guinness world record. >> revealing moments to make -- or break -- a relationship. >> deal breaker. i was outta there. >>> t ison tohe scene of a fier two-car crash in moorhead, minnesota. one of the victims in the crash, brianna palatta told the state patrol she was trying to pass another car when she ran into a car driven by an elderly couple. as you can see here, the rescue attempt is under way. >> is everybody out? >> he's asking, is everybody out? is everybody out, because, again, we have three victims in this crash, and at one point they start lifting them out themselves before firefighters arrive. one patrolman had to get a pry bar from his car to help that woman out of her car. two residents who lived in the area were trying to help her, just seconds after they got her out, the car was completely engulfed in flames. >>
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm EDT
on a ledge, the hunter games, what to expect when you are expecting, pitch perfect, the details -- hang on, there is one i am missing in there somewhere. what is it? tavis: is only $5. -- you owe me $5. >> is a great movie. tavis: i will take my $5 after the show. >> is coming to you in quarters. tavis: 6 films in one year. >> i shot them over a long time, all of them. they have just sort of all come out. i think they show a lot of range. i am testing my limits as to what i can do. six is a lot, so it was a big year. tavis: i am struck by something you said earlier in this conversation. you are about 10 years into this. that is a lot of work in a short time. a lot of acting work, and a lot of producing work. you jump in feet first into acting and producing. we will come to your family in just a second and the baby and all that. what do you make of the fact that you have been fortunate, blessed, to tell me that 10 years into this, that is a great track record. >> thank you, first of all. i came into this for the long run. i hope i am jessica tandy and i am on stage and fall over
Oct 14, 2012 12:30pm PDT
ledge from the third floor window where they were ready to plunge. i think he made the case. i think he nailed paul ryan a couple of times specifically on the lack of any details on the tax plan. secondly, paul ryan is request for a stimulus find, two written request, those were one of the few times tha paul ryan knew better than to respond. >> what about on medicare, social security, up with the middle class, who won on that? >> we could be here all day. at least you had a discussion about the economy as opposed to last week. yes, it was a one-sided conversation one thing that they did not touch on which they should have touched on was immigration and education. but they were guided more by the moderator who did a great job in conducting this. i don't find the debate wanting on substantive issues. >> if you're my age and you are watching this thing and you're worried about medicare and social security, which of these individuals do you believe? >> i think it depends on who you are predisposed to believe. joe biden is a liberal, a new deal. to point outownefirst that, while his own p
Oct 3, 2012 7:30am PDT
legislation, as you know, supervisor chiu has a history of sponsoring ledge -- legislation for contractors to do business, we want to be able to help businesses have better cash flow and again just this has to do with prime contractors, we have legislation upcoming that we are trying to work with to address prompt payments, we want to urge your support on this legislation. >> now public comment, my apologies for the confusion before. >> [inaudible] contractor, and certainly, any way we can help more cash flow for small contractors is a good thing, so i support this. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. several members of public have requested that we move the meetings to a better place so people are better able to know what's going on in the authority. we have had neighbors and concerned citizens draft legislation to move the meetings outright. the board does not have that authority. so hopefully, this resolution is the first step toward that end. we often talk about bringing the housing authority closer, inside the family. this is our attempt t
Oct 12, 2012 8:30pm EDT
that. and i thought joe biden had democrats crawling back in off the ledge where they had been from the 23rd floor window ready to plunge. i think he reenergize them. i think he made the case. and i think he nailed korean a couple of times, specifically on the -- nailed paul ryan a couple of times, specifically on the lack of any specifics and on the stimulus bonds. those were one of the few times that paul ryan knew better than to answer. >> what about medicare and social security and up with the bill class? >> -- up with the middle class? >> it went beyond the facts. but at least you had a discussion about the economy and the positions for both sides, as opposed to last week when, yes, it was a one-sided conversation. they did not touch on some things. immigration is a good example. but education is another one. but it was guided pretty much by the moderator who did a great job conducting this. i don't find the debate wanting on substantive issues. >> if you're my age and you are watching this thing and you're worried about medicare and social security, which of these individuals
Oct 17, 2012 6:30pm EDT
almost like the sort of bullying or intimidation, that i think pushed it over the ledge, where people say even though this guy has a story that inspires, he is not going to associate with our brand anymore. >> reporter: at the headquarters in alwaustin, the ceo says the doping incident has been a distraction. >> we spent a lot more time than we hoped or ever dreamed we would be. but the fact of the matter, since august 23rd, we have served 16% more people with cancer. >> reporter: he says donations are up by a quarter of a million. >> i am a little tired of the whole thing. >> reporter: one spokesperson, which honored him in 2007 and partnered on a survivorship event, says the focus should be on beating cancer. in fact, nike and noi anheuser-busch, says they would continue to support. >> most importantly, it changed the way we looked at cancer, from a death sentence as to a disease we can survive. tonight, that is the challenge facing the livestrong charity. >> ann thompson, thank you for your reporting. >>> still ahead, as we continue tonight, the news about multivitamins, including
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
mark is, you know that ledge where the liberals -- we were on back floor last week and we were happy to vacate. [laughter] >>>> the view is fantastic from their. >> on cooking the books, what about the charge that the 7.8% unemployedment number was cooked? >> i think that the obama-romne debate, romney came across as somebody witsome stature and you cou visualize him in the white house. fast f forward to the debate between paul ryan and vice esident biden and uc paul ryan not as vice president, but perhaps the head of the office of management and budget. [crosstalk] >> the girl wants to say something. >> why should she be allowed? >> well, because she should. >> i thohought it was interesting that, paul ryan, who was talking about the economimic stuff you know, he h has in his own band some of you can criticize him for his veracity, but he did fine. when it c came to foreign policy, you can almost see the flip cards in his brain. it had no similitude to real knowledge of the then having crammed for the exam -- real knowledge other r than van ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ]
Oct 18, 2012 7:00pm EDT
about the first presidential debate -- as you know, republicans were out there on the ledge ready to jump before that debate, and then the poles song in that other direction. how do you account for that? >> in some ways, you might argue that mitt romney was able to color in the issues a little bit better and in a way that was to his own liking. we are talking about months of advertisements that painted him in a very negative light. was a huge audience -- they saw him for the first time. they saw a different kind of character than the caricature they had seen on tv in the past, and i think it was a surprise for many americans that he was so dominant that first debate in such a commanding way. >> let me bring in loudon county. romney has been there 20 times. the president has been there 18 times. how important is loudon county? >> it is incredibly important. if you look at the nine-state, swing state battleground area, a to qualify as one of the most essential counties in the nation because of its bellwether function. for many years, it was a strongly republican county, but over tim
Oct 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
capsule on the ledge. >> i kind of like that part of the jump because it means you are outside and everything worked well and if you have a problem, you know, probably jumping off is the fastest and safest way because now you are falling towards a much healthier enviroent. you are falling towards more pressure and more oxygen and if you need medical treatment this is the fast of the way down. so, to me, this is the easy step. it's the impression if it goes on forever i won't break the speed of sound. >> one way to look at it. hesays since the jump it hasn't changed his life but he does say people recognize him. [ no audio ] >> 10 how battery life. the wi-fi model goes on sales- sale on november 2nd. they are expected in the stores few weeks later. >>> the americans plan to postpone retirement until they are in the 80s. after surveying a thousand adults wells fargo found 30% of them plan to work until they are at least 80 years old. wells fargo says it's tough for americans to save for retirement so most people just plan to work later in life. >>> the fall classic kicks off in san f
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
help because her mother and four younger sisters remained on the window ledge preparing to jump. >> my leg was hurting so bad i had to crawl to the gas station. >> reporter: jerome carter heard the cries for help and opened his arms catching her younger sisters and helping break her mother's fall. >> it happened so fast we were just reaching saying let go. we got you and thank god we had them. >> reporter: mom says she and her 6-year-old are the last to jump. >> she's holding me. i got her body out the window, but i'm still inside the house and i'm telling her go ahead and fall, fall. they're going to catch you. she didn't want to do that. so we both ended up falling out the window together. >> reporter: the family says they left a lit candle in the bathroom. they just moved in from a homeless shelter and the utilities were not turned on yet. >> i'm just so blessed. i've never been through nothing like that. that was just my first instance. it's like, you know, you all go. they're down there yelling and telling me to throw you out. they're going to catch you. i'm going to trust
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. finally an estimated 6,000 people attended tonight's concert with grammy winner john ledge end and michael, bringing in another $1 million. >> for many support here's got a chance to see the president tonight, the moment was priceless, as they say. it was the boost they needed to keep going forward. nbc bay area's kim is live outside. i understand security is very tight. >> reporter: they have been very visible so most people who attended the concert had quite a bit of traveling. those a are at the concert nationally got to see the president. they told us the price of the ticket was well worth it. they said it will likely be their only chance to get that close to the president who spoke briefly to the 6,000 in attendance. they say he was inspiring and motivated them to keep the energy up ahead of the election. >> it was amazing. the crowd was so excited to have him here. i think it was really great to have him come to san francisco to the bay area and he nflt connected with everyone in the auditorium. >> he was extremely enthusiastic. he wowed the crowd up. extremely good eloquent
Oct 14, 2012 10:00am PDT
step on the ledge of that capsule if it all goes right and he will dive to earth. >> brian, let me bring you into this. you spent a lot of time with the crew, with baumgartner when you were there in roswell, new mexico. what is he after, why is he doing this? >> well, he is after the record for free fall, after the record for breaking of sound barrier, fredricka, but also after some advancements in science and aerospace. they want to test to see if the suit he is wearing may be the next generation of high pressure suit. specifically they want to see if they can find out from this jump if a human being can survive outside a space vehicle for any length of time if there's a malfunction in the space vehicle in future missions. that is really the principal goal of the mission. they also want to measure what happens to the human body when it goes through the sound barrier. they don't know it yet. this mission may tell them. they don't expect him to be battered so much. they think lack of air and pressure won't take such a huge toll on the body. no one has ever gone speed of sound outsid
FOX News
Oct 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
friends and family in south dakota, a ledge bed i legend in. >> check out the bret baier special. >>> fox news alert, everybody. former u.s. senator and three time presidential candidate george mcgovern has died. his family releasing a statement saying he did die peacefully this morning at a hospice in sioux falls, south dakota. he's best known for his landslide defeat against richard nixon in the neant 7 1972 presil election. he is also remembered as a tireless advocate for the poor and all of those in need. also a progressive voice that helped shape the democratic party and inspire a generation of democrats. mcgovern was a world war ii b-24 bomber pilot and served in the internet as wel senate fromr 18 years. george mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> but first, here we are. it is the final countdown and the final presidential debate upcoming. it may be the most critical night of the entire 2012 election. looming over it, of course, is the new fallout from the deadly terrorist attack in libya. good morning to all of you. i'm jamie colby. >> i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's elect
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
miles into the walk she says she lost footing, slid over a ledge. >> it was a, almost a straight drop down. >> split shattered vertebrae she snapped these photos. jessica tells me she knew earliest anyone would begin looking was the next day. with little use ever her legs she crawled to find shelter. >> my right leg was numb and weighed so much. i had to drag it. >> jessica spent four days in pain with little water, and no food. all she can think about was her family. >> last thing i wanted to do was die in yosemite. because i've been away from my family for almost the entire summer. >> four days later a day before she says she would have given up hope a search and rescue found her park id. >> i heard a lady call my name. i could have jumped up and started crying because i knew i was saved and everything was going to be okay. from there. >> she was put on a stretcher, carried out of the merced river. her rescuers told her these clothes her shredded uniform likely kept her alive. the team flew her here to community regional medical center. the only eleven one trauma center in the valle
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
italian business owner protesting the country's economic policies has now come down from the ledge on st. peter's basilica. the man who owns a beach front concession stand in northern italy climbed on the ledge in vet can city on tuesday and stayed there for 24 hours. he finally agreed to come down after italy's tourism minister promised to meet with a group of beach concession owners about new rules that impact their businesses. >>> a school bus driver is in the hospital after passing out and causing this crash. the family who lived at the house was not home at time. five children between 5 and 8 years old were on the bus and not hurt. police have not released the driver's medical condition. the bus crashed in the garage but still caused structural damage. >>> you hear it every election. people will move out of the country if the other guy wins. jetblue is offering some help moving people out of the u.s. the airline is offering a thousand round trip flights for customers who support the losing candidate. all they have to do is vote for their candidate. the winners will have a temp
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
important to you in the ledge? >> -- election? >> for leonardo dicaprio, celebrities are all over this public service announcement urging voters to use social media to express important issues in the upcoming election. and for more news p pictures go to >> so maybe crime does pay. the guns owned by bonnie and clyde sold over the weekend for more than half a million dollars. and this brought $2264,000. and the guns were a.warded to police officer that's ambushed and killed them in 1934. >> just ahead challenges as both candidates prepare for their first debate. >> there is rumors revenge and a murder plot. phone conver sayings say prove a social studies teach >>> the heat is on you're looking at ocean beach, temperatures climbed into the 80s, some cities including santa rosa are seeing triple digit temperatures now there is the hottest day of the year in san francisco so far. and we're live in oakland there is also a lot like summer out there. >> this is hotter, now, the east bay had highest temperatures in antioch and livermore as expected were hottest places. i know because
Oct 14, 2012 6:00am PDT
denied any wrongdoing. meanwhile, there is a court battle it keep the names af ledged clients from being released. an injunction was denied and impending appeal in state supreme court. in a separate motion, attorney gary coleman says his clients were among those secretly video taped and since they are named as victims in the state's case, their identities should be protected. >> i think my client are victims after crime. that's how i see it. and the crime is invasion of privacy. >> but for the tenant who lost business, and she says a part of her community due to the scandal, justice is clear. >> all of these people knew going into it that they were committing a crime and that it was wrong. they knew the consequences of hurting their families and loved ones. and feel they should own up to that. >> for today, michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> and now, here he lester. >> jenna, thanks. >>> the ultimate form of a mother's love. a grandmother giving birth to her own grandson. it happen feared woman desperate to become a mom but unable to have a child. that's when she turned to he
Oct 29, 2012 11:00am EDT
pushed out to shore. and look at the wind. and it's still gusting. we just got a little bit of a ledge here. we want to show you the conditions. this is how we're making it possible. there's another station there. you set up a light, you run some cables down, and you stand on a balcony. this is how we're bringing you coverage. when the waves get too intense and this boardwalk gets filled, this is where we're going to be. we're going to do the best that we can. we want to show you this little room we've got. this is how we're keeping safe as well. in order to make this our little newsroom, we have flipped up this bed and we've got tables. this is another way that we can stay safe. especially if you're at home and you want to protect yourself from the windows. take your mattresses and flip them over your window, that's a great idea. so we are -- just all kinds of people. we've got chips ahoy, bagels, fruit. this is how we're continuing our coverage. we've been at it since 4:00 a.m. peanut butter, instant coffee. laptops up here. elegant flat ware. just kidding, it's plastic. ramen noodle
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
was thinking when he stepped out onto that ledge. >>> plus when some rain could arrive here. drink six cups of coffee a day are less likely to suffer from womb cancer, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and parkinson's disease. that's according to researchers university. if six cups seems like a little bit much, the study says caffeine factor. >> that's a lot of caffeine. i only need one or two, and i'm still bouncing off the walls. storm team 4 meteorologist with our forecast. big changes coming, tom? >>> a mild start this morning. we have a lot of cloudiness around and a few sprinkles. those little patches of green showing up in frederick county, maryland, and farther west out in the mountains. a as we look at the hometown forecast, oxon hill, 66, maybe a few sprinkles in the 60s. passing shower in the afternoon. may climb to near 70. hour by hour for the whole rain, passing showers likely this afternoon. so have an umbrella handy. i'm back with a look at the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. >> many ggood morning. i'm check the roadways
Oct 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
? it's just too much water pressure." and someone says, "well, why don't you climb that ledge. "when you get closer to the surface, the water pressure will be a little bit less." will that be a true statement or a false statement? true. it would be a true statement. and where do we live in? we live in an ocean of air. so we've got a pressure acting down on us. so when we climb a mountain top, are we getting closer to the surface? now there isn't a sharp sharp surface with the air like there is with the water. it kind of peters up and peters out, doesn't it? in fact, you guys know if you go about 3.5 kilometers high, is it 3.5 kilometers high? it's in the textbook, i forget the figures. yeah, 5.6 kilometers high gang. you've got half the air underneath you. and you go up to what is it, 30 kilometers high, okay? that's about 19 miles, 30 kilometers high, 99% of all of the air is underneath you. so you went flying in an airplane and the airplane pilot says, "hey, we're at 40 kilometers high." honey, he has made a mistake. you've got nothing to ride on up there, right? the wings aren't g
Oct 7, 2012 10:00am PDT
proposals that will pull america off the ledge and give politicians incentive to make american government work. now, for the last look. like chess pieces around the world are monument after monument. there's the last aztec ruler to world heroes, ghandi, christopher columbus, abraham lincoln and the latest statue to go up is alia. you might ask yourself who? he was the tehran leader of bejan until he died ten years ago. his son, who is currently the president, spent 5 million of the nation's riches to build some parkland. it is now called abijan park and that's where the statue sits. you will see while this is a first statue of alia in the americas, some of the statues have already congrequered easte europe. perhaps this is coming to a park near you. the answer to the gps challenge is c, hungarian 100 quintillion. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. >>> hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield with a look at our top stories right now. it's election day in venezuela and people are going to the polls to vote for their next president. in new
FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the consulate was planted on the ledge of the perimeter wall in june is described as a way to measure the u.s. response and there was no significant response. this coupled with the attacks on the red cross and an attack on the british ambassador in benghazi, after the attempted assassination the british pulled out of benghazi suggests the pattern to drive western influence from the city. part of the broader of the by the al qaeda affiliate to establish an islamic state in libya. >> the policies of leading from behind are now compounded by the policies of leading from afar which goes right to your point of pushing the c.i.a. and other people out of their area so they could be sanctuary areas. that is an accurate assessment they are trying to create more sanctuary areas by pushing us out, our diplomats, our military. >> the c.i.a. had no public comment on our reporting. >>shepard: is the ahead of the senate intelligence community is ripping the head of intelligence for this country. >>reporter: this could be extremely significant. in a rare interview with the cbs station in san
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
came up with them? alec. the american ledge stiff exchange council that is the extreme right wing group that came up stand your up with the stand your ground laws. you can see where this is coming from. when you ask parents about it, they're savvier than the average bear. listen to this mom. >> that is not a solution that is a real solution that will improve students' education. my concern is that a lot of democrats are going along with it and you'll pass policies that support this. >> cenk: she's exactly right. now why do those high-level democrats go along with it? it might have something to do with the money la bow ski. rahm emmanuel got $12 million from anti-union charter school advocates. and it's all about the money. whether they're republicans or democrats that are selling out to that money. now maggie gyllenhaal, who is a real progressive, tries to defend the movie when she's talking about it. >> it's okay to find fault inside of an constitution that you--inside of an institution that you ultimately believe in. i think there are problems in the teachers' union because ulti
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